Safe Pedestrian Walkway

Hardly find on the big busy city, BRANZ BSD deeply consider the green pedestrian area with the barrier-free design concept that is safe from the vehicle and comfortable for the elderly, children and pedestrians to enjoy a great walk with the loved ones.

Eco-Friendly Living

We plan every details of the building with a low energy consumption system and also the HEMS (Home Energy Management System) that is installed on every rooms and can be easily accessed and controlled by the residents.
Moreover, the usage of LED lamp at the public area will reduce the building's energy consumption.

Safe and Secure

Clean and fresh water tap provided by the water purification system in order to give you a safe and healthy lifestyle inside the BRANZ BSD.

Quality Management

To deliver a perfect quality residence, we always examine our product 3 times by the expert quality management companies, Sakura Project Management, Tokyu Land Corporation and Tokyu Land Indonesia, therefore, we can deliver a flawless residence that brings every greatness of living to your place.

Security & Management

To ensure the comfort of living experience at BRANZ BSD, we maintain the services of security and management by the trusted company. With wide range and long period experiences, Tokyu Community has established a strong managing company, that will guarantee your needs while living in BRANZ BSD. A global security corporate that is providing a comprehensive and integrated security service, SECOM promises to give the residence a peace of mind.